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Why we start eBay? Why Empowerers?


Qasim Sana Ramay, Feb 03, 2021.

1. eBay is your step one to the eCommerce world due to its friendly nature for sellers.

2. eBay is easy to learn than any other eCommerce marketplace.

3. It does not charge you on monthly basis just for the reason that you want to sell online.

4. It does not compete with your successful listings "as fulfilled and sold by Amazon"

5. Normally you start getting sales right from the start, even if your account is new. There is no financial bleeding needed. Just learn practice and experience eBay. Grip eBay.

6. Unlike Amazon PPC which charges you on each click, eBay charges you only when you have a sale.

7. Unlike Amazon, your one eBay account allows you to sell worldwide, which means, sellers can sell on the marketplace too on the same login credentials which they are using for the UK. This one thing makes eBay one of the most flexible and scalable marketplace.

8. You can sell your product in many ways:

  1. 8.1 Through auction listings
  2. 8.2 Through buy it now listings
  3. 8.3 By accepting an offer and sending counteroffers
  4. 8.4 By sending special discount to the people who are interested in your product(s) (Watchers)
  5. 8.5 and a lot of others

9. You can do eBay PL, eBay wholesales, and eBay dropshipping.

10. If your account's health is fine, eBay is the easiest marketplace to do dropshipping.

11. As a seller, you receive your payment instantly right after you have sold the product, NO wait for 14 days.

12. Your account registration process is very simple, it like signing up a Gmail account (but there are some precautions which Empowerers ask you to take care of, these are not required by eBay but are extracted from our experience to lower the chances of the eBay account suspension ).

13. There is no proof of identity or proof of address required at the start. No need to show the documents or any lengthy process of account registration or tax interviews.

14. As you get your first sale in a short period of time and that too without any investment (if you are a student of Empowerers), this boosts your confidence on eBay and on eCommerce.

15. If you invest in eBay PL as per the training imparted by the Empowerers, find and get approved the right product, you go with at least 100% or more ROI.

16. The chances of success of your eBay PL are high due to the reason that not only you sell your PL product on eBay, other EBC and EBC executive (1 on 1) students also sell the same products on their accounts. This increases the chances of your eBay PL success.

17. If you do not have the investment to start your own eBay PL, you still can sell the products of other EBC executive (1 on 1) students and the products of Empowerers on your accounts. Along with these product sales, you also do Amazon to eBay and Ali express to eBay sales (OA sales). These collective sales increase your chances of financial success on eBay.

18. During your eBay PL, you get complete guidance on the product approval process, analysis sheets development, sourcing guidance, direct help in sourcing, final analysis sheets, international shipping management, domestic shipping (within target country) calculations, and fulfillment center recommendations from Empowerers.

19. You get the benefit from the partner fulfillment centers of Empowerers in Huston USA and Glasgow UK. This facility eliminates the need of having fulfillment services from eBay (like Amazon FBA).

20. At empowerers, you find a comprehensive network of:

  1. 20.1 eBay coaches,
  2. 20.2 eBay sellers,
  3. 20.3 eBay consultants (EBC and EBC Executive students),
  4. 20.4 eBay VAs (SVR students),
  5. 20.5 eBay investors (EBC executive students who also get involved in investments),
  6. 20.6 eBay account owners (normally overseas Pakistani sisters and brother with accounts in hand and interested in making eBay partnerships)
  7. 20.7 eBay potential products offered by some manufacturer already available in the target market of USA and UK
  8. 20.8 eBay potential products offered by some Amazon PL seller who also wishes to sell on eBay too
  9. 20.9 eBay store template and other technical services providers
  10. 20.10 eBay dropshipping products providers along with item by item shipping services on your behalf.

21. The "eBay business central management software" developed by Empowerers, makes your eBay business journey extremely easy. You can manage most of the functions of your eBay business from within this software and can measure your financial success through it. Alhamdulilah, through Empowerers, now you have a comprehensive biosphere of eBay.